Is this Tottenham’s worst ever signing?

Tottenham have signed some brilliant footballers in the past.

From Gareth Bale to Luka Modrid, there have been some exceptional players to grace the White Hart Lane turf.

There have also been some utter rotters playing at Spurs. A few names spring to mind when you think of the worst signings in the club’s history: Calum Davenport was awful, David Bentley wasn’t much better, and Helder Postiga was utterly atrocious in the Premier League.


But for a player to be a bona fide flop, there has to be the expectation when they sign. Fans have to be chomping at the bit to see the new player play, having witnessed his devastating effect for previous clubs. But when they get there, it all goes wrong and they look like the NBA stars who fell victim to the Monstars from Space Jam: sapped of their abilities, uninterested and out of their depth.

You might be forgiven for thinking I’m referring to Roberto Soldado. He absolutely ticked those boxes, but when you looked at what Soldado had in his locker, it wasn’t that surprising that he struggled in the Premier League.

He wasn’t quick, he wasn’t powerful, he couldn’t score goals from nothing, and he wasn’t up for a scrap with a burly Stoke centre-back. It made sense when he slinked back to La Liga after an underwhelming spell at White Hart Lane.

No, I’m talking about Paulinho.


Before he arrived, he was described as the Brazilian Frank Lampard. A dynamic, intelligent central midfielder who could dictate the tempo and score goals in midfield.

But what Spurs fans got was very different to the player they were expecting. Paulinho was a disappointment from the moment he played for Spurs until the moment he left for China.

Mauricio Pochettino thought so little of Paulinho that he demoted him in favour of youngsters Ryan Mason and Nabil Bentaleb.

His entire time at Spurs is summed up in this clip:

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