Watch: David Diehl’s favourite Ronaldinho goal – for Barcelona vs Real Madrid – is sensational

David Diehl’s favourite Barcelona goal silenced Real Madrid fans

We caught up with artist and illustrator  David Diehl to talk Gerd Muller, Boca Juniors and the one, the only, Ronaldinho wonder goals for Barcelona against Real Madrid.

What was your first football shirt?

My first shirt I made myself, because I never had one. I was 10 years old, used tape as a stencil to do blue stripes and the black No 10 on the back. It looked perfect except for the AFA emblem. Unfortunately I can’t manage to find a picture of it. Pre-digital times …

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What is your favourite football shirt?

In the time before advertising and branding, many football shirts looked amazing. That said, some with sponsors from the 80s are great. From the 1990s until today I don’t think there’s as much to get excited about. I really like the Boca Juniors shirt from 1981. I’m also a fan of the Strikers shirts from Gerd Muller’s day.

What is your favourite goal?

I have to choose Ronaldinho’s goal from 2005 against Real Madrid. It was pretty special.

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