Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin is mad about these Kanye West concept kits

Friend of the Football Shirt Collective, TheConceptClub, have created a series of weird and wonderful kits that will blow your mind including this Yeezus jersey.  And we think Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin would love to wear them on a road trip.

They’ve taken brands that you may not associate with the beautiful game and merged them with classy football design to create some truly remarkable concept kits.

Yeezus concept jersey

And you know who loves the Yeesuz shirts.  None other than Arsenal full back Hector Bellerin.  When asked by who his choice of car passenger would be for a long haul ride was, who did he go for?  His girlfriend, Arsene Wenger?  No Kanye West.

Kanye West would be my dream passenger for the journey home because he’s a funny guy, he said. ‘Rather than Nacho Monreal who wouldn’t stop talking the whole way home!

And what would they wear?  These Yeezus concept jerseys of course.

You can buy these beauties at 20% off with the code “CONCEPT” at checkout. Ends today.


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