“A Cultured Left Foot’s” favourite Arsenal moment needs no words

We caught up with YW from A Cultured Left Foot to talk; getting football shirts from his Uncle, the ’71 Arsenal FA Cup final shirt and 26th May, 1989.

What was your football shirt?

It was a yellow and blue shirt – mid-70s, typical fare. Except it wasn’t anything like the Arsenal shirt she tried to pass it off as. Although my first genuine football shirt was a 1974 1FC Kaiserslautern shirt from my uncle was in the RAF and stationed nearby.

My first Arsenal shirts were the 1985/86 centenary shirts from Umbro. I bought the pair together during my brief flirtation with replica kits.

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What is your favourite football shirt?


The 1971 FA Cup final shirt. It was a classic design of yellow and blue, devoid of sponsorship markings, etc. Utterly timeless and just thinking about it makes me wish that shirt designers would go back to simpler days.

Nike are the worst offenders, with the England kit and the range of third kits Manchester City, Inter Milan and Roma wear utterly disgraceful affairs – crimes against football kits. Inexcusable.

What is your favourite football moment?

26th May 1989. Anfield. ’nuff said.

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