Is this Liverpool kit the worst in Premier League history?

This Liverpool kit could well be the worst kit known to the Premier League. There have been some utter stinkers in the league since its formation back in 1992. Like Chelsea’s bizarre blue-and-yellow Autoglass kit, donned by the mighty Frank LeBoeuf here…

chelsea_away_1996-97 (1).jpg

Or (sorry Chelsea), their grey-paneled Coors-sponsored number complete with orange trim and badge. That 1994 kit was desperately unkind to the eyes.


The regrettably unforgettable Tottenham anniversary kit in 2007 looked like one of the half-and-half kits circulated on the internet, worn exclusively by wankers.
Tottenham have also made a late entry for the Premier League’s worst kit, with their third kit for this season. The inspiration behind it appears to be the McVitie’s GOLD bar.
Arsenal fans may laugh at their rivals’ woeful kits, but they’ve released their fair share of abominations over the seasons. Like the 1991-92 away kit. Some things can never be unseen.
United’s ‘invisible’ kit shouldn’t be ignored. It was dumped at half-time because the players couldn’t see one another, not because it was utterly disgraceful to look at.
But before the days of the neat-and-tidy New Balance kits and after an era of iconic Carlsberg-sponsored adidas kits, there was a bizarre series of Warrior kits at Liverpool. And one of them will rock you to the core…
That’s right. The 2013-14 Liverpool third kit managed to strike the balance between being incredibly boring and hideously ugly. Whichever sadist designed this thought it would be appropriate to dress Luis Suarez, one of the club’s greatest ever strikers, in the colours of a three-day-old bruise. Here it is, in all its glory.
liverpool_13-14_third_kit (1).jpg
Do you think this is the worst kit in Premier League history?

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