This Arsenal shirt will remind you of the greatest moment in the club’s history

Remember the greatest moment in Arsenal’s history?

Not, not when the Invincibles swaggered to the Premier League title. It certainly wasn’t when they won their first double in 1971.

We all know when it really was. It was when Michael Thomas won the league for the club at Anfield in 1989.

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It was the original “Aguero” moment, when the Argentine striker was still in nappies.

There are good ways to win trophies – there isn’t really a bad way to do it, is there? – but there’s a level above. A moment so pure and wonderful that it comes around once every couple of decades.

This level can only be reached by snatching the trophy from the jaws of your opponent. It’s what Aguero managed against QPR in 2012, and it’s what Thomas achieved.

If Arsenal failed to beat Liverpool at Anfield in 1989, they would have seen their opponents on the night lifting the trophy.

And, for most of the game, it appeared as though that was going to happen. Until, at the death, Michael Thomas popped up and bagged, bringing the trophy to north London.


He also did it in a fantastic kit. A classy JVC-sponsored yellow number of undeniable class. A kit worthy of the occasion that would become Arsenal’s greatest ever moment as a football club.

To borrow a phrase from Martin Tyler’s commentary on that Aguero goal against QPR: “You will never see anything like this ever again. So watch it. Drink it in”

Could easily apply to this gorgeous Arsenal kit.



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