How QPR fans felt watching Manchester City win the Premier League meaning they could get relegated

Manchester City’s last minute title win was one of the greatest moments in Premier League history.  The last minute goal from Aguero and Martin Tyler commentary.  It gives you goosebumps.  

We all know it’ll go down in history for City fans.  But what about QPR fans.  They need results to go their way in order to stay up.

QPR fan Simon Ashby let us know what it felt like in the comments section (with a great quote about United).  Were you at the Etihad?  Let us know in the comments below.

There was the constant checking of other results

It was crazy for the QPR fans too. The constant checks on what was going down at Stoke, knowing Bolton needed to better our result to leapfrog us and leave us in that last relegation spot. The celebrations that greeted Mackie’s goal say it all, and how much ground did the boy cover to get on the end of that cross, sheer joy.

No love lost with Manchester United and Ashley Young

Yet Rs fans certainly have more of an affinity with City and their fans than their neighbours. It comes from both clubs historical ability to grab an unlikely defeat from the jaws of victory and memories of snowy away days at the likes of Chesterfield and beyond, as we yo yo’d up and down the leagues. Utd are seen somewhat as the Che**ea of the north (if you know your QPR fans…..), the snotty bully you’d love to give a bloody nose to. This feeling was compounded by the ever cheating Ashley Young’s horrendous dive that resulted in Hoops legend and captain Shaun Derry being sent off at Old Trafford weeks before.

The QPR fans all stayed to see City lift the trophy

In short, if we were safe we wanted City to win the league, and we knew we safe fully four minutes before the final whistle at the Etihad. To a man, women, child and dog, Rangers fans stayed to watch City lift the trophy before making our way to the then wonderful Lass O’gowrie pub singing. ‘Are you watching Ashley Young’.

Were you at the Etihad?  Let us know in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “How QPR fans felt watching Manchester City win the Premier League meaning they could get relegated

  1. I was there, QPR fans were absolutely fantastic, before, during and after the match, always found QPR fans to be a classy, top set of fans.
    Always welcome back on this side of Manchester 🙂

  2. I was there and the QPR fans did all stay to watch us life the trophy. I spoke to some before the match – they wanted the perfect storm – QPR to stay up and City to beat Utd to the league. They got their wish – certainly the greatest moment and day I have ever experienced watching football

  3. It was great. to go ahead and silence the Etihad was a special feeling But then it came through and were safe. In fact i am sure that one or two players up front eased off slightly and that allowed City to get the winner. But to enjoy them winning the trophy after so long was a great feeling. A happy place all round. The warmth of the fans afterwards to each other and also being on the coaches and the waves and cheers from happy locals as we left was excellent. But the QPR goals front of us fans were special and after the 5 home wins made it an exciting end to the season.

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