Proof that Manchester City have cooler celebrity fans than Manchester United

Manchester City fans have at least one thing over their cross-town rivals Manchester United: their far-cooler celebrity fans.

United may have the bulging trophy cabinet, but for some reason they’ve managed to attract some painfully uncool celebrity supporters over the years.

Eamonn Holmes and James Nesbitt, aside from being from Northern Ireland, aren’t exactly down with the kids; and don’t even get us started on Mick Hucknall.


They may boast (Jamaican) sprint king Usain Bolt and Stone Roses stars Mani and Ian Brown, but generally they seem to attract glory hunters and nerds, like Enrique Iglesias and Rory McIlroy.

Liam Gallagher once claimed that City fans had better style than United fans (and “if the world was full of Gary Nevilles, it would be bobbins”), and it’s pretty hard to disagree with the iconic Oasis frontman.


Liam and his brother Noel are the most famous City fans around, and also defined a generation with their music. Not a bad place to start.

But there’s more than just the Gallaghers.

The beloved British actor Alan Rickman, who passed away in 2016, was a City fan, and so is retired boxer Ricky Hatton.


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Liam Gallagher on the difference between Manchester City and United fans in 2011

Jonny Marr and Mike Joyce from The Smiths are City fans, while the late, great Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis was also a blue. Even Manchester musician Badly Drawn Boy is a City supporter.

It doesn’t get much cooler than Frank Gallagher from classic Manchester-based TV show Shameless. David Threlfall, who plays the deadbeat, benefit-cheating dad, supports City too.

Manchester City v Manchester United - Premier League
Tom Cruise rocked up at the Etihad for a Manchester derby

They’ve even got a couple of half-decent comedians in their ranks in Jason Manford and Alan Carr.

City fans, take this moment to bask in the glory of your celebrity supporters. It almost makes the brown-nosing of Tom Cruise forgivable.

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