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We caught up with David Michael of Aston Villa blog, My old man said to talk about his favourite football shirts.  Swapping his Aston Villa shirt for a curly wurly, subbuteo and Eder scoring wonder goals for Brazil.

What was your first football shirt?

It was the 1980/81 Aston Villa home shirt. I swapped it at school for a Curly Wurly and a Mars bar. I never used to get pocket money, never mind football shirts brought for me as a kid, but there was this kid at school in the year above who used to wear the Villa shirt.

Aston Villa 1980


One day I struck up a conversation with him about Villa and it turned out he was actually a Liverpool fan (as most people were in those days). He proposed the swap, which must go down as one of my better business ventures!

What is your favourite football shirt?  

I like the Brazil shirt of the early 1980’s and it was my first subbuteo team I purchased as a result.

Brazil 1982 World Cup squad

The Denmark Hummel kit of the 1986 World Cup was also a classic, Villa carried a similar design in the following season.

Favourite Villa shirt? I always had a soft spot for the Le Coq Sportif home jersey circa 1983-85.

What is your favourite goal? 

My favourite goal has to be by Eder for Brazil against USSR in a 2-1 win in the group stages of the 1982 World Cup.  In many ways, 1982 was my favourite footballing year. Villa had won the European Cup and the 1982 World Cup was the first I remember watching as a kid.

The Brazil team of that year played football like the Harlem Globetrotters did basketball. Strolling around with the ball as if disinterested before bursting into action in clinical and rapier-like fashion. The often under-rated Eder was the epitome of that and often even his misses were better than most players’ goals.

1. Socrates’ nonchalant step over dummy is pure class.
2. Then Eder flicks it up with his left foot before volleying it in emphatic style with the same foot without breaking stride.
3. The icing on the cake of the goal is the reaction of of Rinat Dasaev the USSR goalkeeper, regarded as the best goalkeeper in the world during the 1980’s. His broken man ‘Oh FFS’ reaction is a classic. Dasaev had a style that always seems to elevate goals.  His ‘I’m in an earthquake’ reaction to Marco Van Basten’s incredible volley in the 1988 European Final, again made the goal so much better.

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