Watch: Reliving that Philippe Albert chip for Newcastle United v Manchester United

Remember Philippe Albert chipping Peter Schmeichel. The goal wrapped up a 5-0 win for Newcastle United who beat Manchester United 5-0.  

It was the goal that summed up Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle United.  A ball playing centre back on the edge of the United box and having the presence to look up and chip is over Peter Schmeichel.

The quotes are taken from our favourite football shirt interviews with Kristan Heneage and Pete Donaldson.

Kristan Heneage (Football writer)

I will have to pick Philippe Albert’s goal against Manchester United. The game itself was incredibly surprising, but I’ve always admired a defender who can also play football.

In that sense he was very much a pioneer in modern English football I believe. Even now, when I re-watch, everything in my head expects him to power a shot at goal because it’s what everyone is demanding, to have such composure and confidence is amazing. A truly special goal.

Pete Donaldson (Absolute Radio and the Football Ramble)

Albert. The 5-0 er versus Manchester United. It had everything.  A marauding Belgian, a moustache, a centre back attempting a 30 yard chip.  It still gives me shivers. Yeesh!

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