Former Tottenham star Chimbonda claims Jimmy Bullard w*nked off in front of him

Pascal Chimbonda was known for being a pretty solid right-back during his time at Tottenham and Fulham.

The Frenchman even sat on the bench for the 2006 World Cup final. If only they’d unleashed him on Italy…

But Chimbonda has recalled a truly disturbing story about former team-mate Jimmy Bullard.


While the pair were both at Wigan, Chimbonda suggests Bullard pleasured himself in a hotel room full of players.

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Here’s how Chimbonda put it, when talking to SFR Sport programme Le Vestiaire.

“The English are all crazy,” he said.

“Jimmy Bullard… Wow… We are in a room watching TV.

“I look to my right and the guy is in the process of (makes a w*nking hand sign).

“He in his head, he was not right. It was in a room in a hotel. There were five of us in the room.”

Bullard was always a bit of a card, but this story has taken it to a whole new level.

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