Wenger’s brother claims Arsenal boss and Man United legend Ferguson were good pals

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and legendary Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson hate each other, right?


Well, that’s according to a source extremely close to Wenger, who’s enduring fierce pressure from dissenting fans after more than 20 years at Arsenal.


Arsene’s brother, Guy, has rubbished claims that the curmudgeonly Scot and the sometimes-spiky Frenchman didn’t get along.

“People thought he and Ferguson hated each other,” Guy was quoted as saying.

“Rubbish. I was with them. I think it was the last time Ferguson was at Arsenal with Manchester United. We drank two bottles of Bordeaux after the game.”



We’re almost disappointed to hear that the Keane v Vieira of football management in the Noughties was all a sham.

Well, that would explain some quotes from earlier this year from Ferguson on the “fantastic” Wenger, whom he praised for sticking to his footballing principles.

Next thing you know, Guy Wenger will be telling us that Jose Mourinho and Arsene are heading for a Nando’s before the United v Arsenal.

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