Watch: Marcus Speller’s favourite Ronaldo goal will make you stand up

We caught up with Marcus Speller from the Football Ramble to talk classic England kits, the Lions of Cameroon and Barcelona wonder goals.

What was your favourite football shirt? 

My first ever football shirt was the England 1990 home kit. That was when I got into football during the 1990 World Cup. I was very young and loved every kick of that tournament.

England actually went far and the white shirt they wore back then is probably the best the national team’s ever had.

What is your favourite ever football shirt?

This is a difficult one so some honorable mentions first.

I did like the Dutch home kit of 1988 and, as previously mentioned, the England one of 1990. I do like a River Plate shirt and also the lovely red and white stripes of Athletico Madrid in contrast to the blue shorts but I have to go back to Italia 90 once again.


Cameroon, 1990

The Lions of Cameroon made such an impression on that tournament and their shirt was magnificent too. They are one of my favourite teams of all time and played in the best kit I’ve ever seen. It even had a big yellow lion head on it. What more do you want?

What is your favourite ever goal?

This is even trickier than the previous question. I’m going to pick a few if I may. That goal Ronaldo scored for Barcelona against Compostela where he bursts past about 4 or 5 men like he’s a wild beast leaving Bobby Robson in sheer awe on the sidelines.

Ronaldinho’s goal against Seville also for Barcelona where he picks up the ball in his own half, skips past two players and then thunders the ball in off the bar from about 30 yards. The Camp Nou couldn’t believe their luck.

Paul Gascoigne’s volley against Scotland in Euro 96 will always hold a special place in any Englishman’s heart due to the setting and importance of it. To see an English player pull out a goal of that quality is a rare thing indeed and the celebration that followed was superb too.

I’ll finish with a Marcelo Salas goal for River Plate against Quito in the Copa Libertadores. The ball is played over to him but just too far in front.

Salas with an outstretched right foot beautifully controls the ball in the air, shuffles his feet while under pressure from a defender and then unleashes a perfectly measured volley into the corner leaving the keeper helpless.


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