My first Bradford City football shirt: Dom (Bantams Banter)

We caught up with Dom from Bantams Banter to talk about his first Bradford City football shirt, Dennis Bergkamp, Admiral and Gazza. This article is part of our ongoing first football shirt series

What is your first ever football shirt? 

Bradford City’s 1987-88 made by Admiral. ’Bradford Great City’ seems to be some sort of PR attempt rather than a sponsor. I’m not sure there’s a Bradford City fan on the planet that knows what or why it’s on the shirt.


Bradford City, Admiral, 1987/8

What is your favourite ever football shirt?  

My favourite ever football shirt is probably more for sentimental reasons than for it’s beautiful design. The Umbro, Euro ‘96 England shirt was not only my first England shirt but represents a time when I fell in love with game. Euro 96 had it all for England, joy, surprises, great goals, great individual performances (Shearer, Gazza) OTT outpouring of emotion (Pearce) and disappointment. This shirt holds all of this within it’s chunky threads.


England, Umbro, 1996

The pictured version is one I acquired a few years ago, I added the badges and had signed by Stuart Pearce. A prized possession.

What is your favourite ever goal?

Dennis Bergkamp’s wonderful flick of the ball and turn around Dabizas in 2002 was nothing short of witchcraft. Never have I seen a goal scored with such elegance and such unworldly skills. It’s topped off by his response to a reporter who asked ‘Did you mean to do it?’ to which Bergkamp responded ‘Of course I did.’ Class.

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