Le Grove favourite Arsenal shirt will remind you of winning the league

As part of our favourite football shirt series we spoke to Le Grove about Arsenal goalkeeper shirts and Thierry Henry scoring wonder goals.

What was your first ever football shirt?

Now, I’m not sure if this was my first ever  but it was certainly the first one I can recall. It was the 1990-92 Arsenal goalkeeper shirt.  Made famous by David Seaman, and more so, Steve Harper. The shirt was not a snug fit,  it was about 2 sizes too big. This shirt sticks in the memory because it was also the first and only shirt I ruined climbing trees. The horror that the snags I had put in to my gift were irreparable, was a life lesson and a half.

What is your favourite ever football shirt?

My favourite every football shirt has to be the Arsenal 2001-02 gold away shirt. Why? Two reasons. Uniqueness and success.  It was the first time I’d ever seen a gold shirt. There was something classy about it. Something that encapsulated my gold plated feeling towards the team. Secondly, one of my favourite moments in football was watching us beat United at Old Trafford in 2002 to win the league. We were wearing that shirt. I was there.  Also wearing that shirt. Amazing.

What is your favourite ever goal?

For sheer wow factor, it has to be Thierry Henry’s wonder goal against Manchester United way back when.  He took the ball into feet from a simple Bobby Pires pass, flicked it up for himself, turned and fired his shot right over the head of Barthez.  Spectacular in every sense. An amazing player and I was there to enjoy that incredible moment in Arsenal history. 

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