This former Liverpool star is Manchester United fans’ most hated player

Manchester United fans’ most hated footballer was always going to be a Liverpool player.

Sure there’s the cross-town rivalry with Manchester City, which is becoming more fierce with each passing season, but for years before they became the “noisy neighbours,” City were seen as a mild annoyance to United.

Liverpool, on the other hand, are a club who aren’t just close in proximity but they’re hugely successful too.


Liverpool chant about their five European Cup triumphs, while United fans boast about their incredible 20 title wins.

So it’s no surprise that United and Liverpool can’t abide one another.

And there’s plenty of players over the years who have graced the Anfield turf who United fans can’t stand.

Take El Hadji Diouf. Diouf was widely detested by most in the Premier League, but particularly so by United fans.


But Diouf only scored three times for Liverpool in three seasons. To become truly hated, you have to be a great player as well as a pantomime villain.

That’s why Steven Gerrard can’t be the most hated among United fans. He’s half-way there in that he was a truly remarkable player, but he was the model professional. His understated personality and undying love of the club breeds a quiet respect from United fans.

When you properly think about it, there’s a clear winner when it comes to who should be crowned the most hated among United fans.

Enter Luis Suarez. Suarez ticks all the boxes.

He was – and still is – a sensational player. In his final Premier League season before joining Barcelona, he scored 31 goals, despite missing the first five games through suspension.


Then there’s his conduct, which is the stuff of Premier League folklore.

As we all know, Suarez was banned for eight games and fined £40,000 for allegedly racially abusing United left-back and fan favourite Patrice Evra during a fiery game between the two clubs.

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If that wasn’t enough to earn him his title of Most Hated Man Ever To Face Manchester United he went a step further.

The next time the two teams faced, Suarez had the audacity to refuse to shake Evra’s hand during the pre-game handshake. Something that was truly baffling to fans of both clubs.

United fans might be glad to see the back of Suarez, who ripped defences apart during his time at Anfield, but surely even the staunchest of supporters would love to see him take on their defence again, if only for Chris Smalling to give him a good old fashioned kicking.

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