The ultimate tribute to Ronaldo’s 1998 Nike Mercurial R9’s

Ronaldo scored a ridiculous amount goals in the late 90’s.  Especially wearing his favourite football boot.  The 1998 Nike Mercurial R9.

In 1997-98 Ronaldo was in the prime of his powers.  It was his first season at Inter Milan following his move from Barcelona and he was the best striker in the world.  He scored 34 goals in 47 games for Inter.  He then finished top goal scorer in the World Cup all wearing the 1998 Nike Mercurial R9.

1998 NIKE MERCURIAL R9 Illustration

Illustrator, Steph Morris paid tribute to the 1998 Mercurial R9 boot with this drawing. Steph Morris is an artist who follows the old school method of pencil on paper.  “A patient and painstaking approach that defies the frantic pace of the culture that she bases her work on.”

Ronaldo loves it.  

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