Daryl Higgin’s favourite Manchester City shirt is iconic as Noel Gallagher

As a kid growing up I loved every time a football shirt got released, no matter what team it was, I always had a look in the back of Shoot or Match to see them in those adverts where all the shirts were on mannequins lined up.

Each year it became more about the exploration of new colours, patterns, fabrics and embellishments.

There was a lad on my street who always had the best shirts, I never knew if he changed his team all the time, or if  he just loved having the best ones.

Daryl Higgins is an Art Director and Moving Image Designer from London.

What was your first shirt?


My first shirt was bizarrely a Liverpool 1989 Home, I’m not sure why as my Dad bought it me that christmas, the full kit. I never knew why as I never supported them, but I was only seven and I guess because my mates all had them. I never really had a team growing up.  There was always something quite special about shirts back then, because they came in boxes particularly the adidas ones.

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What is your favourite football shirt?


It has to be the Man City third, from 1993. I guess it’s as iconic now as those Kevin Cummins shots of Noel and Liam Gallagher in them back when Oasis first came on the scene. It still looks good today and is just so simple. I’d probably wear it too, but they’re so hard to find.

What is your favourite football moment?


It has to be Italia 90 and that night in Turin …

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