Watch: Shawn Francis’ favourite New York Red Bulls goal will make you pine for Djorkaeff

We caught up with Shawn Francis from the Offiside Rules about; yellow mesh Liverpool training tops, Real Madrid shirts with 4 stripes and Youri Djorkaeff scoring the first goal for the New York Red Bulls.

What was your first football shirt?

My first shirt was a yellow, mesh Liverpool training top that my Mom bought me at TJ Maxx discount store. This was in Amarillo, TX in the mid-90’s; I wasn’t a fan of the club but given the time, place and my own Anglophilic tendencies at the time that top was exotic and amazing. NO one wore soccer jerseys then and apart from a few stalls at the local flea market that sold fake replica’s of Mexican league jerseys you couldn’t even find them for sale anywhere. A rare bird.

What is your favourite football shirt?

My favourite, the one I old most dear, is a fake Real Madrid top that my late older brother bought for me. So fake it has FOUR Adidas stripes but it was purchased with love.


From a design standpoint though, my favourite is the France 2012/2013 away football shirt. So clean and well-tailored. The rare kit you can wear on date night and not get side-eye from your lady.

What is your favourite goal?

Youri Djorkaeff free kick v. D.C. United April 6th, 2006. The first goal for Red Bull New York after they rebranded from MetroStars. Was there on an away day with 800 New York supporters. Loved hearing RFK Stadium go silent with dejection.

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