Steve Graves: My first Liverpool shirt

We caught up with Steve Graves, executive editor of the Liverpool Echo to talk about; finding Liverpool shirts at car boot sales, Barcelona (Ecuador) kits and that Sebastian Coates’ flying volley.

What was your first ever football shirt?

For some reason I spent a large amount of my childhood at car boot sales, and I managed to get a Liverpool 1985-87 (ish) shirt for 50p in one. Unfortunately it was an adult XXL and I was about seven years old so it wasn’t an ideal fit.

Liverpool, Adidas, 1986/87

I think my mum used it to line the dog’s bed in the end. That home shirt was nice but the yellow away kit from that season is a lovely, lovely thing. It’s got a great collar and Adidas stripes in red and is one of the best-designed kits Liverpool have had.

One year at my school in north Wales there was a sudden trend for wearing a Rotherham United shirt. This was about 1993 – a discount shop in town had got hold of a job lot somehow and was selling them for about £2. Everyone’s mum bought them on the basis that we liked football so we’d surely like the shirt of a Yorkshire-based club, none of whose players we could name. Mums, there.

What is your favourite football shirt?

Barcelona Ecuador

Barcelona in Ecuador have pretty shamelessly ripped off the badge of the real Barcelona.

I’ve got a kit of theirs from a few years back which is covered in sponsors – it says South American football more than anything ever and I really like wearing it.

What is your favourite ever goal?

I feel like I’ve spent the last three years telling people Sebastian Coates scored the goal of the season in 2011/12 against QPR. It was a ridiculous flying volley which combined aesthetic quality with shock factor, considering its source. I don’t know why I’m quite as keen on it as I am but I guess that’s what favourites are all about – Liverpool lost the game so pretty much nobody remembers it, but I bet Seb does.

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