Lee Sharpe’s favourite Manchester United football shirt

Remember the 1995-96 Manchester United away invisible kit.  Manchester United wore it away to Southampton 13th April 1995 before Fergie made them take it off at half time.  Lee Sharpe thought it was a collectors item but it wasn’t his favourite.

It was a roasting hot day and United were 3 day at half time.  Fergie walked in the dressing room and said: “Get that kit off, you’re getting changed.”  United ended up losing 3-1.

Lee Sharpe (speaking to the guardian) thought the shirt was a collectors item.

Grey Manchester United shirt

The shirt is probably a collector’s item now, for all the wrong reasons. I think my dad’s got mine. He’s got all my old shirts. I feel sorry for anyone who’d bought the replica, because it was out of date pretty quickly. There was lots of hype about the kit change for a while after the game, because United were always bringing out new kits, but I think it passed us by.

But it wasn’t his favourite

Given a choice, I’d say our 1993-94 all-black away kit was my favourite.

Followed by a European special


The all-white one we played in for the Cup-Winners’ Cup final in 1991. Simplicity is important for me, I suppose.

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