Jason Lee’s favourite Arsenal moment will remind you of better days under Arsene Wenger

We caught up with illustrator and football shirt designer Jason Lee (ELDEJO) about his favourite Arsenal moment and a love of Cameroon shirts.  Jason has launched a run of Lego inspired football prints.  Pre-order yours here.

What was your first football shirt?

To be honest I can’t really remember, but growing up, I had and adored the ’94-95 Mitre Cameroon shirt with flocked star.  Love that shirt.

What is your favourite football shirt?

I’ve got 2 favourite football shirts for 2 reasons.  Beauty and the tech.

My first is this vintage adidas goalkeeper top.  The graphics are mouthwateringly beautiful.


My second is this France adidas football as it was the first to incorporate a sort of 3D technology in the way it was cut and sewn.


What is your favorite football moment?

As an Arsenal fan it has to be the whole of the Invincibles season!

We have got a limited run of Jason’s sick Lego footballer illustrations.  Get yours here.



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