Watch: When Roberto Carlos scored the improbable goal for Real Madrid

Growing up I loved Roberto Carlos.  Power.  Pace.  Amazing goals.  One of his best came in 1997/98 for Real Madrid against Tenerife when he scored the “improbable goal”.  It was picked by by football writer Sheridan Bird as his favourite goal in our “favourite football shirt interview” .

It was February 21, 1998. Real Madrid had a match against Tenerife.  They were wearing a purple kit with Teka on it.  Carlos brought the ball out of defence, played it inside and continued his run.

The ball was played over the top.  He was running at full pelt and from the corner flag volleyed it.  Bang.  The ball curled around the goalkeeper and into the top corner.  Here’s the goal and Sheridan’s take on it.

Roberto Carlos’s shot against Tenerife in 1998 still impresses me the most. It is outrageous. Power and swerve. He’d say it was on purpose and you can’t blame him.

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