This Stoke City shirt will make you warm and fuzzy inside

We caught up with long-suffering Stoke fan and designer, Joe Barbieri (jbdotco), to talk football shirts, El Diego, and hammering Bolton at Wembley.

What was your first football shirt?

I don’t have too many memories of my first shirt, but I would imagine this is one of them. My old man has bestowed many gifts upon me, male-pattern baldness and the gift (or burden, you decide) of being a Stoke fan are just two of them. I had an ugly phase in the late 90s when my United-supporting mate (also from Stoke, of course) mind-fucked me into having his “spare” treble-winning home shirt, but since then it’s been plain sailing in the red and white.


What was your favourite football shirt?

*Resists urge to pick Stoke top* I probably have one too many favourite football shirts, but if you’re going to be a pedant and make me pick one, it has to be this. No caption necessary.


What was your favourite football moment?

There’s only one here for me and I’m sure not too many Stoke fans would argue. It may sound small-time to some, but I don’t care. I’ll always remember my Dad telling me that he’d never see Stoke in the top flight in his life time, so having slapped that one out of him, beasting Bolton 5-0 at Wembley will live with me forever. FA Cup Final and European football to boot! Stoke don’t do that, they just don’t.

You can check out Joe’s beautiful work, like this Marko Arnautovic print, right here.


We now have Art Of Football’s collection on-site too. Check it out here:




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