These Arsene Wenger quotes will make Arsenal fans love him again

Arsene Wenger revolutionised Arsenal when he joined the club more than 20 years ago.

The Frenchman assembled arguably the best team the Premier League has ever seen, winning the title without losing a single game in the 2003-04 season.


Although many fans have grown tired of Arsenal’s consistent under-performing under the Frenchman, Wenger is the last of a dying breed: a Premier League manager who gets to decide when he calls it a day.

Here are some of his greatest sound bites during his 20 years in north London. Maybe it’ll change some fans’ minds. Then again, maybe not.

On his time at Arsenal

“Your only interest is the next game, our drug is the next game, the hope for the next game, the desire to win the next one. You go step by step and finally when you look back it’s a long time. I must say for such a long time the club has always supported me and I feel already that I’m privileged in that, because that’s not always usual in our game.”


On losing

“I cannot classify the moments of happiness and of sadness, but every defeat is a scar in your heart that you never forget.”

In response to Sir Alex Ferguson’s criticism in 2002

“Everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home.”


On whether he received a promised apology from Fergie

“No. Perhaps he sent it by horse.”

On being called a voyeur by long-term adversary Jose Mourinho

“He’s out of order, disconnected with reality and disrespectful. When you give success to stupid people, it makes them more stupid sometimes and not more intelligent.”

On developing young talent

“We do not buy superstars. We make them.”


On being frugal

“I am not scared to spend money. If you go out with me one night, you will understand that.”

On cross-town rivals Tottenham

“I tried to watch the Tottenham match on television in my hotel yesterday, but I fell asleep.”


On his inability to see controversial incidents

“Sometimes I see it (a foul by an Arsenal player), but I say that I didn’t see it to protect the players and because I could not find any rational explanation for what they did.”

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