These weird and wonderful Arsenal and Man United prints will blow your mind

Arsenal, Man United and Gianluigi Buffon like you’ve never seen them before.

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of ELDEJO. A friend of the Football Shirt Collective, the designer combines your favourite things – lego, sometimes David Bowie and football – to create ridiculously good artwork. Here’s a flavour of what he’s done.

Thug Life Verteidiger Minifig – Lego Football Print

If you’re a fan of moustaches, mullets and the German football team, then you’ll be head-over-heels for this print.


What ELDEJO said:

Who knew German defenders were hipsters?!  Was the moustache the giveaway?  Getting tatted out at Shamrock Social Club during the off season.  Rockin’ Mercurial R9s before they even existed.  Iced out and slinging rhymes like Eric B. and Rakim.  After all, it’s the Germans that have been sporting mullets since…..forever.You can buy this print right here.

Superman Gigi Minifig – Lego Football Print

Who doesn’t love Gigi Buffon? Exactly. Imagine a Lego-inspired cross between the greatest ever Italian goalkeeper and Superman. Nailed it.


What ELDEJO said:

Shot-stopper by day, superhero by night.  Could a mere mortal stop a penalty by Ronaldo?  All the while, keeping his hair perfectly coiffed like Mikel Arteta strutting down a Dolce & Gabbana catwalk?  There’s only one Super Gigi!  
You can buy Super Gigi right here.

May the Fuerza Be With You Minifig Lego Football Print

ELDEJO’s very own tribute to former Mexico goalkeeper Jorge Campos. Featuring Darth Vader.


ELDEJO said:

Before Lord Vader joined the dark side, he was one Jorge Campos, national goalkeeper for Mexico.  Such was the pull of making saves that when his latex gloves were nowhere to be found, he turned to his trusty lightsaber to brush the dust off his skills…….at birthday parties. 

You can buy this glorious print here.

Il Polpo Paul Minifig – Lego Football Print

Paul Pogba’s opening game at Manchester United, as interpreted by the mighty ELDEJO.


ELDEJO said:

Stirred, but not shaken.  Bruised, but not broken.  Smudge was able to avoid the full weight of the tackle, but not before the centre back was able to catch the back of his heel.  He was eventually subbed off in the 71st minute, but not before he scored the winner in a hard fought one nil victory.  He shook off the pain of the challenge, but walked off with his ego bruised, having to don THAT away kit for 71 minutes of eternity.
You can buy the bruised banana print here.

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