Harry Pratt’s favourite goal is this Manchester United Wales striker at his best

We caught up with football reporter Harry Pratt to talk; falling in love with Johan Cruyff and Mark Hughes scissor kicks.

What was your first football shirt?

My first shirt was a Chelsea top from around 1970. Plain Navy Blue with, if my memory serves me well, a big badge. It was a hand down from my older brother.

What is your favourite football shirt?


Holland, Adidas, 1974 (source: 3in1football)

Holland 1974 World Cup – the two-stripe version as worn by Johan Cruyff. Englandfailed to qualify for the first World Cup finals I watched on TV. But I totally fell in love with Cruyff and his Dutch pals. Loved the adidas Orange top – but, of course, I always wore Puma boots!

(Note: as Johan Cruyff was sponsored by Puma he had an agreement to only wear two stripes on his Adidas Holland shirt instead of three.)

What is your favourite goal?

Mark Hughes Wales v Spain 1985 World Cup qualifier. This was the Beeb’s goal of the season. A scissor kick volley from edge of area that still defies belief.

The fact that some Spanish defender is launching a two-footed waist-high lunge at Sparky as he lets fly makes it all the more staggering. It was massive game, one which the Welsh won!   

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