This former Man City man scored in 46 Premier League games and didn’t lose one of them

Here’s a stat that will distract Manchester City fans from the pants-down humiliation their side endured at the Nou Camp last night.

When you think of great Manchester City strikers, you probably don’t think of Darius Vassell.


He might have been clumsy and unsophisticated in his style of play, but the former England striker had goals in him, and lots of them.

He also holds a Premier League record that is quite remarkable:

During Vassell’s time at Aston Villa and City, he scored in 46 separate Premier League games and didn’t lose one of them.

Just let that sink in.

Every time Vassell scored in a Premier League game, his side won it.

Of all the stats we’ve sifted through in our time, this one stands out as the most batshit mental.

So next time you’re in the pub and your mates are slating Sven’s decision to cap Darius Vassell 22 times, you can reel off this beauty in the man’s defence.

Now take a look at this retro Man City shirt. Phwoar. 



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