When Fergie blasted Manchester United youngster as a “f****** idiot”

Sir Alex Ferguson was known for being partial to the odd bollocking throughout his reign time at Manchester United.

But – David Beckham’s boot to the head aside – we’ve rarely had an insight into what the great Scot’s wrath was really like.

Until now.


Mads Timm, who played for United between 2002 and 2006, has revealed Ferguson labelled him a “f****** idiot” because the Danish forward had a conspicuous car.

Timm even tried to hide the car from Ferguson, hiding the Porsche in the car park used by United’s training ground staff.

He was eventually rumbled when Beckham asked whether he could land a helicopter at training. Ferguson saw the Porsche, then he saw red.


“Brian McClair got hold of me and said Ferguson wanted to see me in his office,” Timm said in his book, serialised in Danish paper BT.

“I had a Porsche, and I was well aware that the boss cared very little about that, if you played well.

“For the same reason I had parked helpfully at the entrance, where the ordinary workers usually were.

“Around the same time, David Beckham had a downturn in form, and had ventured to seek permission to arrive for training in a helicopter.


“Ferguson flipped out. Now he had discovered my Porsche.

“‘F*****g idiot,’ he called me on that occasion, and then I took a taxi to training for a period.”

It wasn’t the only time Timm was on the receiving end of Fergie’s sharp tongue. The Dane made the mistake of called Ferguson “Alex” in one training session. His response?

“I’m not your friend, I’m your f****** boss!”

He also labelled his former boss a “control freak”. Wonder why.

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