When ex-Arsenal star Song created the most awkward moment ever at Barcelona

Alex Song impressed so much while at Arsenal that it earned him a move to Barcelona.

The Cameroonian signed for the Catalan club in 2012 after breaking into Arsenal’s first team. Although he didn’t quite live up to expectations at the Nou Camp, he did manage to create one of the most awkward moments in football history.

After a win in 2013 against Real Valladolid, Carles Puyol was collecting Barcelona’s La Liga trophy.


Rather than the captain customarily raising the trophy himself, he walked toward the line-up of Barca players, extending a hand.

Puyol wanted to share the moment with Eric Abidal and then-manager Tito Vilanova. Abidal had returned to Barcelona’s team after a liver transplant had saved him from a tumour, and Vilanova was battling cancer at the time.


But Alex Song didn’t get the memo. Alex Song thought Puyol was coming for him. In a moment of pure confusion, Song stepped forward to take the legendary central defender’s arm.

Puyol gently batted him away and took Abidal’s hand, creating a moment of such painful awkwardness it’s too good for words.

You’ll have to watch this beauty for yourself:


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