The ultimate tribute to the greatest player who starred for both Real Madrid and Barcelona

Few players over the years have dared to play for both Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The rivalry between La Liga’s two most successful clubs is so fierce that it’s considered an unforgivable sin to cross the divide.

Luis Figo famously had a pig’s head hurled onto the pitch when he returned to the Nou Camp as a Real Madrid player.

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Michael Laudrup was, bizarrely, adored by both clubs, despite leaving Barcelona for Real Madrid.

The pick of the players to have played for both is the original Ronaldo. The Brazilian striker was a phenomenon, arriving at the Nou Camp in 1996 from PSV Eindhoven and setting La Liga alight.

He left Barcelona after a single season and, five years later, moved back to Spain as one of Real Madrid’s Galacticos.


Ronaldo wasn’t only famous for his goals, buck teeth and his shaved head, he was also known for one truly iconic pairs of retro boots: the R9 Mercurial.

Friend of the Football Shirt Collective, Mark Johnson Design, has paid tribute to Ronaldo’s iconic 1998 boots and other retro Nike boots.

Take a butchers at this beauty:


Ronaldo famously sported this beautiful footwear in the 1998 World Cup in France, when Brazil were toppled in the final by the hosts.

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