The ex-Chelsea and Newcastle United star who became a church minister in Canada

Gavin Peacock had a career most professionals would have been proud of, with lengthy stints at Chelsea and Newcastle United.

During his career he scored 108 goals as a midfielder and striker, before becoming a well respected pundit after his retirement in 2002.

Peacock regularly appeared on Match of the Day and Football Focus, as well as commentating on some international games as part of the BBC’s Euro 2008 coverage.


But Peacock would turn his back on football, deciding to move his family to Calgary in Canada to become a church minister.

Peacock and his wife, Amanda, and their children moved across the Atlantic to so the former QPR and Bournemouth player could join the ministry.

A Christian since his teenage years, Peacock told The Sun:

“Coming to Canada was like stripping things back, I couldn’t trade off my
name. No one was going to give me a hearing because I was Gavin Peacock,
ex-Chelsea captain.

“I started doing some preliminary Old and New Testament studies.

“I knew then I was being called to it full-time. I call it my joyful
compulsion. I love it, but I must do it.”


Peacock is now the Discipleship Pastor at Calvary Grace Church. His professional bio on the church’s website states:

“Gavin was born in Kent, England, where he played professional soccer for 18 years. He was converted to Christ at age 18 and was used by God to bear witness to the gospel throughout his career.

“In 2006 God called him to pastoral ministry, and after moving to Calgary in 2008, he graduated from seminary with an MACS. In February 2012 Calvary Grace commissioned him as Home Missionary, and he became an Elder in 2013.

“He now serves full-time as Calvary Grace Church’s Missions Pastor and lives in Canmore, Alberta with his wife, Amanda, and their two children Jake and Ava.”

Here’s a snapshot of the site, just in case you thought we were having you on…


Peacock hasn’t managed to keep himself entirely out of the limelight since moving to Canada, tweeting some frankly sexist views back in 2015.

He tweeted: “Wives: one of the primary ways you are to respect your husband is by gladly submitting to and encouraging his leadership.”

His post caused something of a backlash on social media, including from former colleague Jacqui Oatley.

Not the average post-retirement career of a top-flight footballer…

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