The Arsenal 1994-95 Merlin sticker album will make you long for Martin Keown’s mullet

This weekend I hit the jackpot. I found my 1994 / 95 Merlin Premier League album and it brought back some great memories.  Tony Yeboah scoring that volley for Leeds, Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle and Shearer banging in loads of goals.  

I completed most of the team pages but there are a few stickers missing.  Here’s my review of the team pages.  First up.  Arsenal. 


Best player


There were a few choices. Stephan Schwarz,  Arsenal’s Swedish midfielder, David Seaman or any of the back four. In the end I couldn’t look past Ian Wright who scored 23 goals that season.

Best sticker


Two stickers steal the show. A young Ray Parlour with flowing blond hair and an intense Martin Keown with curly mullet and iron gaze.

Promising youngster


Morrow, Parlour, Selley, Hillier.  Who could think of a midfield sillier.

Ian Selley was the youngest squad member. Unfortunately for the young English midfielder things never really took off for Selley at Arsenal. He did play a part in FA, League and Cup Winners Cup wins but in 1995 broke his leg which spelt an end to his Arsenal career.

Missing stickers


The shirt

1994-95 Arsenal home shirt £20

The Arsenal shirt was 90s classic.  Thick collar.  Zig zag print and Arsenal emblazoned on the back.  It was class. 

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