Is this Arsenal’s most iconic shirt?

Arsenal have produced some truly great kits.

Some have been universally revered, and others have been universally detested.

But some, despite how long ago they’ve been produced, continue to divide opinion.

One such phenomenon is Arsenal’s  infamous ‘bruised banana’ shirt.


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First spotted on the backs of Ian Wright and Alan Smith in 1991, the iconic JVC-sponsored away shirt lasted until 1993.

Some hated it, some loved it. Here at the Football Shirt Collective, we’re appreciative of originality, and the ‘bruised banana’ absolutely ticks that box.

Friend of the FSC, illustrator and designer ELDEJO, has given his weird and wonderful take on the yellow-and-black shirt:


Here’s what he had to say about the shirt:

Stirred, but not shaken. Bruised, but not broken. Smudge was able to avoid the full weight of the tackle, but not before the centre back was able to catch the back of his heel.  He was eventually subbed off in the 71st minute, but not before he scored the winner in a hard fought one nil victory.  He shook off the pain of the challenge, but walked off with his ego bruised, having to don THAT away kit for 71 minutes of eternity.

Love it or hate it, you can buy the print right here.


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