This is the greatest Manchester United shirt known to man

Before the days when Manchester United launched kits with dabbing, Stormzy and Paul Pogba, there was a simpler time.

A time when kits were cheap(ish) for fans to buy. A time when kits were worn by players for more than one season. A time when Sir Alex Ferguson and Eric Cantona wore false moustaches to launch United’s third kit. That time was 1992.


And that kit was something seriously special. Manchester United’s famous green-and-gold third kit was a nod to the club’s heritage, designed in the style of Newton Heath.

Launched in 1992, it’s fair to say that the gaudy kit with a lace-up collar didn’t go down that well with the watching world, but it was memorable. I’m sitting here talking about it now, aren’t I?

And like the best vintage shirts, it may have been considered hideous at the time of its release but fast-forward 24 years and it looks bloody gorgeous.

Like most 1990s Manchester United kits (except the odious ‘invisible’ grey kit), it saw quite a bit of success.


United won the title in 1993 and 1994 and picked up an FA Cup and a Charity Shield for their troubles.

But the greatest thing about this kit isn’t its design, it’s the launch.

The team shot – with a firmament of United legends, including Cantona, Ryan Giggs, Paul Ince, Lee Sharpe, Steve Bruce and Dion Dublin – is a joy to behold. Some, like Cantona and Sharpe are wearing the hairstyle and facial hair of players who’d have turned out for Newton Heath 100 years before. Others, like Bruce, are just wearing a cheeky grin.


It’s a launch fit for the great kit it was: A big, beautiful, Umbro-made, green-and-gold bastard.

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