The only player truly despised by both Tottenham and Arsenal

Arsenal and Tottenham haven’t ever seen eye to eye.

Their rivalry is up there with the most ferocious in the Premier League, and fans of each club can’t stand the side from across town.

Tottenham fans have a few players they utterly detest. It seems to be Jack Wilshere’s life ambition to become the most hated player among Tottenham fans. But he has some way to go before he can be mentioned in the same breath as Sol Campbell, the villain who moved from White Hart Lane to Arsenal for free.


Arsenal fans aren’t exactly queuing up to shake hands of Kyle Walker, Harry Kane and Ledley King either.

But there are some players who are so detestable, that they are able to unify even the most bitter of rivals.

Step forward Ashley Cole.


Cole began his career at Arsenal and gradually became the best left-back in the Premier League, and playing an instrumental role in Arsene Wenger’s Invincibles side.

But his relationship would turn sour with the Arsenal faithful when he decided to jump ship to join local rivals Chelsea in 2006.

“I almost crashed my car [in disgust],” Cole would later write in his book, after learning Arsenal were offering £55,000 per week instead of the £60,000 he wanted. Odious, I know.

Arsenal fans even made mock £20 notes to wave at Cole when Chelsea visited Arsenal.

But Tottenham fans didn’t adhere to the “an enemy of my enemy is a friend” maxim. Quite the opposite.

Spurs fans, when asked, will probably keep a special place for Cole alongside Campbell (he’s not considered as bad as that, I know) in the list of players who they’ll never, ever forgive.

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