Ed Maylon: My first Crystal Palace shirt

We caught up with Ed Malyon Sport Editor of the Independent to talk Crystal Palace shirts and knee slides at family weddings, wearing PSG shirts in PE and Ventola lobs.

What was your first ever football shirt?

It was the 1995 Crystal Palace shirt made by Nutmeg (pretty sure they don’t exist anymore) and sponsored by TDK (who probably don’t either).

1994-95 Crystal Palace football shirt

I got it for my 6th birthday and the next day was my Aunt’s wedding, once I’d completed my page boy duties in classic sailor suit, I switched to my Palace kit for the reception and ran around doing knee-slides. Simpler times ….

What is your favourite football shirt?

PSG 2000 football shirt

I used to collect them when I was younger and have quite a decent stash somewhere. At least 50. My favourite is either the 2000 PSG home shirt (which I insisted on wearing for PE at school) or the white Portugal away shirt from Euro 2004 which I had with Figo on the back.  Honourable mentions to my classic Kaizer Chiefs effort and Deportivo Wanka home kit.

What is your favourite ever goal?

Nicola Ventola’s lob against Southampton in 2004/05. Ultimately meaningless but it really sticks with me as a great moment – it would have kept Palace up and the kid had barely played all season through injury.

He came on and scored this amazing effort and everyone thought we’d done it.

I would pick one of the ones at Brighton away in recent years – the problem is the aftermath was so frenzied every time that they’ve all become a bit of a blur.

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