This Tottenham kit is the most underrated in football history

The white-and-navy theme of Tottenham’s kits has spawned some magnificent football kits over the years.

The 1987-88 season was no exception either. Hummel manufactured this absolute beauty.

But for some reason, this absolute stunner isn’t held in as high regard as some other kits Tottenham have worn over the years.


Admittedly, the 1980s was a successful era for Tottenham, but they were unable to win a major trophy in 1988.

But the fantastically simple white home kit from that season is a joy to look at. Just look at Paul Walsh’s beaming face; he’s just delighted to be there.

Pretty much every classic Spurs shirt from that era sports the Holsten sponsor. This kit’s appeal is strengthened by the fact it’s manufactured by one of the most iconic retro kit makers of all time: Hummel.

Hummel may be the Sunday League-team’s kit of choice in 2016, but we think it shits all over the current Under Armour suite.

Need another reason to love this heinously underrated kit? Paul Gascoigne, Gary Mabbutt, Chris Waddle and Chris Hughton all rocked it.

They also obliterated Millwall 5-0 in this kit

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