Manchester United fans will love this Scholes tackle, Arsenal fans will hate it

Manchester United and Arsenal tend not to like one another all that much.

In fact, back in April 2004, they absolutely despised each other. Arsenal were at their zenith under Arsene Wenger, and were on course to win the Premier League title without losing a single game.

But Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United weren’t going to roll over in the FA Cup semi-final, allowing their great rivals passage to the competition’s final.


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Paul Scholes’s goal would prove enough to send United through to the final that year, but he did some more damage on the pitch.

Renowned for his “inability” to tackle, Scholes dived in farcically late on Jose Antonio Reyes half-way through the second half.


Scholes became famous for such tackles, with some claiming it was the one skill he couldn’t master, and others attributing him with a sinister, dirty side to his game.

Watch this tackle and make your own mind up. We think this one’s deliberate and, by the looks of it, so does Patrick Vieira too.


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