This football shirt is the ultimate protest to Trump

Donald Trump and football don’t mix.  Except for when he did the Rumbelow’s Cup draw with Saint & Greavsie.

Illustrator and football shirt designer Jason Lee aka ELDEJO has designed the ultimate football shirt as a protest to the American President.

The shirt is called the “United as One Mexico Shirt” and is a compilation of the many slogans against Trump and all forms of divisiveness.

It’s set against a tie-dye pattern in American flag colours, symbolising the protest movement of the 60s and the crest is the American flag.

The front sponsor is “Bad Hombres” and designed in the play on the Three Amigos! movie title font.

Right sleeve badge references the UEFA Respect logo and is replaced with RESIST and Dump Trump.

You can order your shirt on with 15% of the proceeds going to the ACLU  (AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION).

You can watch that video of Donald Trump with Saint & Greavsie below.


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