This Chelsea shirt is offensive to look at… and we absolutely love it

Chelsea kits over the years have tended to be pretty nice.

They’ve dropped a couple of clangers along the way, but their home kits have certainly been on point for the most part.

Cast your eyes back to 1994, and the club released a kit that was so maverick, so hideous, and so brilliant. Between 1994 and 1996, Chelsea donned this absolute beast of an away kit.


Glenn Hoddle’s players, including Ruud Gullit, Dennis Wise and Mark Hughes, wore this hot, grey mess as their away strip.

Like many classic 1990s kits, it was an Umbro-made job. The Coors sponsor, luminous orange trim and shorts and striped finish on the chest of the shirts are part of what made this a slow-burning classic. It was the ugly duckling of 90s kits: in the cold light of 1994 it was a grey abomination; in the warm glow of 2017, it’s an absolute masterstroke.


Chelsea underachieved in those two seasons, finishing 11th in the Premiership both times, but at least the players got to don one of the most iconic kits of the club’s history.

At the time, it was widely reviled, but over the twenty-plus years since it was last worn, fans have come to love this wonderfully ugly, grey-and-orange mash-up of a kit.

Chelsea, we salute you for the audacity to release a kit that would age like the finest of wines.

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