Is this Aston Villa player the worst to have more than 50 Premier League goals?

Although Aston Villa aren’t having the best of times at the moment, they were once powerhouses of the English top flight.

Some people claim that you can’t argue with stats. Well I’m about to try.

There are a number of players who have reached the landmark of scoring more than 50 Premier League goals that leave you wondering how they managed it.


Steven Fletcher somehow has 53 Premier League goals, and Carlton Cole has 51. But one Aston Villa star sticks out like a sore thumb in the list of players to have chimed in with more than half a ton of Premier League goals: Gabriel Agbonlahor.

The Birmingham-born striker has, somehow, managed to score 73 Premier League goals for Villa since 2005.


Just let that sink in for a moment. He’s scored two more goals than Romelu Lukaku and Daniel Sturridge, and three more than the mighty Eric Cantona. He’s only 11 behind Cristiano Ronaldo.

Despite his punchy Premier League tally, Agbonlahor is now playing in the Championship with Villa, and you’ll be hard pushed to find even the most vehement Villa fan who would claim he’s playing below his level.

In fairness to Agbonlahor, in his younger years he was blisteringly quick, but his composure in front of goal was nothing short of atrocious.

Manager after manager picked Agbonlahor though, and it’s the game time more than the talent that has allowed him to sneak into the over-50 club.

Can you think of a worse player with more than 50 goals in the English top-flight?

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