Chris Miller’s favourite Tottenham Hotspur shirt will remind you of Blur

We caught up with Chris Miller (WindyCoys) to talk; Holsten Spurs kits with Sheringham on the back and Harry Kane scoring in the North London derby.

What was your first football shirt?

I’m fairly sure it was a 1993 Umbro / Holsten shirt with Sheringham 10 on the back, which would have been some expense for my parents – sorry dad!

What is your favourite football shirt?

My favourite Spurs shirt looks-wise is – like a lot of fans – the 1987 Hummel shirt. But the one that brings back the most memories is the 1995 Pony shirt.


Spurs, Pony, 1995 from Vote Vintage

We had a terrible team on the whole but Sheringham and Anderton were fantastic – two of my very favourite players – and I associate the time with Britpop as I was 11/12 and just getting into music. Life just felt so simple back then, *sigh*.


What is your favourite goal?

I’ve had a few favourites over the years but, genuinely – and this isn’t just because it’s recent – Kane’s header against Arsenal at White Hart Lane from last season.

It meant so much and the connection with the fans in that moment and just after was something very, very special that will be incredibly difficult to reproduce.

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5 thoughts on “Chris Miller’s favourite Tottenham Hotspur shirt will remind you of Blur

  1. I hate all of the pony shirts, not because of the designs (some of them weren’t too bad) but because they are Pony shirts… any Englishman can tell you what Pony is slang for and we had that written on ours shirts!

    I prefer the Adidas/Holsten shirts (in using the away shirts) of 1999-2002, they are my favourites all though I really like the Umbro/Holsten shirts (including the away shorts) of 1991-1995.
    I also have a soft spot for all 3 away kits between 1991-1995.

    I adored the first of our Under Armour shirts, it was simple and classy but I hate every one they’ve done since then…. the new Nike shirt (if it’s real) is disgusting and shows how little Nike understand the club in my opinion.
    I’d like to see our next kit manufacturer (yes, I’m already writing Nike off) have the fans rate our previous shirts and then use the results to influence how they design our kits because if they produce crap our supporters are unlikely to buy the shirt and I don’t see the Nike shirt being a sales success, this will hinder any future shirt sponsorship if they don’t sell enough but they won’t sell much if they produce crap like that!

      1. Fancy doing an interview on your favourite Spurs shirt? There’s 3 questions; 1. what was your first shirt? 2. what is your favourite shirt? 3. what is your favourite goal? Cheers Mike

  2. Hello Mike, here are my answers.

    1. My first shirt was the 1977-1980 away shirt, manufactured by Admiral.
    I was given it in 1987 (it was second hand, a gift from a God father) and it was huge as it was an adult shirt, large size. I was 6 years old… I wore it all the time.
    An ex girlfriend stole it just before I joined the army in 99. She tells me that she threw it away, grrrr!

    2. My favourite shirt.
    I actually have more than one but I’ll keep it short(ish).
    Any Spurs shirt with Holsten written on it has to be one of my favourites, not because I like the beer (I don’t drink at all any more) just there’s something about them that I find pleasing regardless of the manufacturer because they all made great shirts for us.
    My absolute favourite is (embarrassingly) the blue 91-94 3rd kit, the shirt that has SPURS written in vertical stripes, something about it really makes me smile.
    I quite like Under Armours first attempt too, the second shirt by them isn’t too bad but every shirt since those 2 are a disaster in my opinion, I wouldn’t leave the house wearing them. Not even to a game!

    3. My favourite goal.
    I can’t single one out.
    I love the Danny Rose volley against Arsenal in 2009-2010.
    The Stalteri goal against West Ham at Upton park in 2007 to win the game for us 3-4, not because it was a good bit of skill for the goal (it wasn’t) but because of the feeling from the crowd, I was there and the supporters went mental after the ups and downs of that game. That feeling is engrained in my memory.
    Woodgates header in the 2008 league cup final. I went in to that game convinced that we would lose.
    Any goal by Martin Chivers, I didn’t see them in person but I’ve seen them on dvd and they are special each time. His vision and control with such a heavy ball is only outclassed by one other Englishman.
    Bonus answer: Paul Gascoigne scoring that amazing volley against Scotland has to be my favourite ever goal, my brain melted when I watched him score that!

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