Real Madrid and Barcelona legend Figo used to have the worst barnet you’ve ever seen

Feelings towards Luis Figo are mixed between Real Madrid and Barcelona fans.

The Portugal legend is adored by Real Madrid supporters as one of the greatest footballers the club had in modern times.

But Barcelona fans can’t stand the guy. For them, he was the ultimate traitor who turned his back on them to join bitter rivals Real.


So incensed were some Barcelona fans about Figo’s perceived abandonment, that they chucked a pig’s head on the pitch when he returned to the Nou Camp with Real Madrid.

But even the staunchest Barca fan would accept that the playmaker was a joy to behold in his prime, regardless of what side of the divide he was plying his trade on.

He was always known as being a classy guy: well groomed, precise and measured, both in appearance and in his style of play.

But images of a younger Luis Figo tell a different story. The Portugal hero sported an outrageous barnet in this snap. We’re not entirely sure what look he’s going for, but it looks like he’s found a shaggy, dead mammal by the side of the road, wiped it down and rested it on top of his head.

Take a look for yourself:


Great player, woeful haircut.

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