This footage of Manchester United’s Duncan Edwards will make your day

Manchester United‘s history is full of wonderful moments. Of trophies galore, wonder goals and incredible personalities like Sir Alex Ferguson and Eric Cantona.

But one tragic moment in the club’s history will never be forgotten: the Munich Air Disaster.

On Thursday, February 6 1958, 23 of the 44 passengers on board the British European Airways aircraft named the ‘Lord Burghley’ lost their lives.

In a tragic turn of events, a number of footballers, club officials, coaches and journalists lost their lives when the plane crashed after a failed take-off from the slush-soaked runway at Munich airport.

Among the dead was one of the greatest young players who ever lived: 21-year-old Duncan Edwards.

Here’s some footage of the towering defender in 1957 against Aston Villa, a year before the crash.

Edwards was a brute of a defender in the tackle, but loved to play. This video is a minor example of just how talented Edwards was, and evidence of how horrendous a loss it was that he and many others lost their lives on the runway in February 1958.

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