This video of Ivanovic and Hazard will make Chelsea fans cry with laughter

Chelsea are flying at the top of the Premier League.

Diego Costa is killing it, but one of their finest players is diminutive winger Eden Hazard.

He causes chaos on the pitch, but is also known for his mischief off it.

Watch the video below…

We’ve stumbled upon this video of the Belgium winger – alongside current Chelsea star John Terry and former players Samuel Eto’o, Demba Ba and Branislav Ivanovic – that you’ll struggle not to laugh at.

The players are standing in front of a camera, and are reading a scripted message to support one of the club’s charity appeals.

Terry reels off a wooden sentence or two, before Ivanovic takes over.


The Serbia defender only has to say the appeal’s website, but his stern delivery comes across as anything but charitable.

That’s when Hazard cracks, bursts into fits of laughter and sets everyone else off.

When you watch the video, be sure to watch Hazard as the filming progresses. You can tell he’s about to go when Terry’s speaking, but when Ivanovic picks things up, he can’t contain it anymore.

Hard not to like the guy when you see things like this.

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