Robert Lintott’s favourite Aston Villa football shirt was so simple and clean

We caught up with Robert Lintott from 7500 to Holte to talk about; being a stubborn Aston Villa fan, the 1957 FA cup final kit and Christian Benteke volleys.

What was your first football shirt?

Stewart Downing and Agbonlahor

Sigh. My first kit was my favorite player at the time. A player who was under-appreciated by the Aston Villa faithful. A player who I had picked in my first days of being a fan and stubbornly stuck by despite the fact that he was not very good for long stretches of the season.

A player who would go on to abandon Aston Villa for Liverpool and never did very well there. And I loved that kit. It had numbers, and badges, and everything.

Unfortunately, I feel too ashamed to wear it anymore. And thus my 2010-11 Aston Villa home kit (it’s the claret and blue one) with Stewart Downing’s number and name on the back sits unused in my closet, simply collecting dust.

Vintage Aston Villa football shirts

What is your favourite football shirt? 

Aston Villa 1957

My history in football doesn’t go back very far. I became a fan of Aston Villa in 2010 and so don’t have a full appreciation of the breadth of all the great kits we’ve ever seen.

That said, I’m a sucker for elegant, simple design. And when Aston Villa made the FA Cup final last year, a lot of attention was paid to their last Cup-winning team. With that, I was made aware of this beauty, the kit they wore in the final against Manchester United in 1957. My god. It’s so simple, and so clean. Would I prefer that the colors were switched? Yeah. But those colors in that pattern have history now, and I’d love to have that kit.

What is your favourite goal?

Benteke scoring against Norwich

Oh that’s easy. Christian Benteke scoring to make it 1-1 against Norwich in a meaningless Premier League match in March 2014. The ball came from a pinpoint pass from Ron Vlaar (!) who sent the ball about 30 yards to a pretty well-marked Christian Benteke. Benteke then, displaying everything that made him one of the most fun players I’ve ever gotten to watch, handled it perfectly off of his chest, turned deftly, and volleyed it behind him into the back of the net.

That goal was everything that was fun about a team that hasn’t been much fun in this decade.

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