Chelsea fans have no idea whether they love or hate this iconic shirt

Chelsea have had some glorious kits over the years.

They’ve also had some absolute stinkers.

But few kits have proved as divisive as this one. Back in 1994, some bright spark thought it would be an idea if Chelsea tried a grey kit with orange trim.

Apart from the navy collar, the Umbro badge, shorts and shirt were mostly a textured grey or bright orange.

The kit was worn by club legends like Ruud Gullit and Dennis Wise, and that Chelsea side didn’t do too badly while wearing it as their away shirt.

In fact, they reached the semi-finals of the Cup Winners Cup and the FA Cup between 1994 and 1996.

There are few lists of the Premier League’s worst kits that don’t feature this little number, and fans of Chelsea aren’t unanimous on whether it’s a disgrace to the club’s heritage or one of their finest sartorial decisions.

One essential element for classic kits, though, is that they’re memorable. Whether you love the 1994-96 Chelsea away kit or loathe it, you won’t be forgetting it in a hurry.

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