Fan pictures from Arsenal v Sutton

We were at Gander Green Lane for Sutton United vs Arsenal in the FA Cup last night.  The whole experience was class. From the moment you got off the train you felt like you were at the ground.  You could see the lights from the stadium and smell the fried onions, whilst surrounded by suburban houses and a local newsagent.

In the car park there was barely enough room for the Arsenal coach to enter the ground and it felt like half the fans outside having a pint new each other.

In the end, Arsenal were too good for Sutton United but the National League team, gave a good account of themselves. Especially Arsenal old boy Rory Deacon. Fair play to Arsene Wenger bringing on Alexis Sanchez to sample the delights of the 3G pitch as well.

Sutton United fan

Home support

Flare at Sutton United

Gary Lineker BBC sport




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